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Take a Vacation on the Road with Luxury RV Rentals

Renting a luxury RV or Recreational Vehicle - for a vacation or trip makes for a fun and interesting way to travel. Todays luxury RV rentals are a far cry from the cramped and awkward box trucks of the past. Take a look at some of the reasons renting a luxury RV is the way to go for a family excursion.

The Luxuries of Home

Luxury RV rentals provide the perfect way to get all the amenities you are used to at a hotel with the added benefit of many comforts of home. King or Queen sized beds in separate bedrooms for the adults and bunk beds for the kids are made even more enjoyable with luxury features, including adjustable air mattresses in some cases. Bathrooms are roomy and can include full sized showers and tubs. Kitchens often come equipped with full sized refrigerators and freezers with ice makers, and may include many other appliances such as gas stove tops, coffee makers, microwaves, blenders, and even washers and dryers.

All the Extras

Some of the biggest differences to be found in luxury RV rentals are all the little extra features that are available. Fresh bed and bath linens, cleaning supplies, and full sets of dinnerware and cookware are typically available with any rental. However, a luxury RV can also come with high tech additions like multiple TVs, satellite television, radio, Internet access, power generators, and solar panels. The interiors are created with luxury in mind and are sure to be attractive and comfortable. Hardwood floors and cabinetry, leather seating, marble countertops, fashionable dcor and plenty of interior lighting are just a few amenities that can be found.


Another feature that luxury RVs provide is plenty of space. RV rentals sleep anywhere from 4-10 people and usually include enough comfortable seating to accommodate that many people on the road. Additionally, pull out rooms and patios can provide even more space for sleep and leisure when parked for the evening. Built in cabinets provide inside storage and the undercarriage has compartments to keep luggage out of the way during the day while making it easily accessible in the evenings. This arrangement makes lodging and storage much easier during travel, particularly for a large family or group of friends.


Many people use luxury RV rentals while conducting cross-country tours that can take days, weeks, or even months. This method of travel makes heading out to see the country an interesting and low stress plan for a vacation. Other travelers rent a luxury RV for special occasions, like a sports event or family reunion, and are able to stay close to the event without fighting traffic or dealing with checking in and out of hotels. Even businesses and corporations benefit from this combination of lodging and travel when sending many employees to a conference or meeting.

All of these features make luxury RV rentals superior to average RVs. Whether you are looking to see the country on your own or traveling to a distant location with a large group, nothing beats the comfort and simplicity of renting a luxury RV.